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  • Kartikeya Saxena

    Kartikeya Saxena



    Seeker of Knowledge, Spreader of Love. Just a carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an ape. I am ART #OneLove

  • Stefan Stoichev

    Stefan Stoichev

  • Aditya Vikram

    Aditya Vikram

    duck soup

  • Allen Akhaumere

    Allen Akhaumere

    Allowing computers to see and understand the world around, will help us understand our world better. --Scope #deeplearning #computervision

  • Qubits Toy Inc.

    Qubits Toy Inc.

    STEM/MAKER Toy since 2007 • A Structural Engineering Gem! • All ages enjoy the challenge of building useful structures. • As Seen on ABC Shark Tank

  • shahara


    offgrid, poet/writer-organic vegan cook w struggling garden, small cabin, pagan, nomad; luv books, odd & wyrd music, LIFE!

  • Matthew Putman

    Matthew Putman

    CEO of Nanotronics, a company that is revolutionizing industry by combining Super resolution, AI and robotics to make the worlds most advanced microscope.

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