Attention henchmen: we are watching

David Brin
3 min readNov 6, 2018

My final word — prior to this critical midterm election — is not directed to residually sane Republicans, or fence sitters, or even lazy Democrats (vote!) Instead it goes out to… Henchmen! To the few dozen of you out there who are right now helping to pull some clever cheat to yet again mess with our democratic elections. There are so many such stunts… Governor Jeb Bush pulled half a dozen to give his brother Florida, during the 2000 election, and thereby end America’s high flying 20th Century. If you happen to be involved in one of these schemes, here’s some advice:

Think. Times are changing. A majority of Americans know this is happening and are furious. And, unlike 2000 or even 2016, the “deep state” men and women of the FBI, CIA, law and intel communities and even the military are onto you, and how these are more than just cheats, they are acts of war by foreign enemies. As we approach a more transparent society, we gain better tools of accountability.

They are dialing in. Moreover, some fraction of your collaborators may already be informants.

Now think about that. If more than a couple of informants provide palpable evidence, who do you think will be going down, amid the wave of revulsion that follows? You think your bosses will protect you? Or will they throw you under the bus? Shouldn’t you, at-minimum, be collecting evidence of your own, along the way? Recordings and such, to use, in case that happens?

Notice I didn’t start by appealing to your honor or loyalty to America etc. You’ve already rationalized all of that away — some hypnotic Fox-nonsense about protecting the Real America against a creeping socialist majority, I presume. Even though your enemies include nearly all the scientists and doctors and tech entrepreneurs and folks whose skills you depend on, including the men and women who protected us from Hitler and Stalin and the Kremlin… the Kremlin you now work for.

They are alert now. They have your scent. And only the first of you to step forward will have a chance at forgiveness.

Ponder the trap you are in! The first henchman who squeals successfully — with lots of evidence that nails higher ups — will get whistle blower rewards already offered by many liberal billionaires. The first few to do it will get on talk shows and receive pardons… if not from this president, then from the one the people will fairly elect… thanks in part to you. And till that election… Canada will protect you.

Sure, I’m saying all of this too late to affect Tuesday’s outcomes. But think about it. Actually think it through! If you sabotage the cheat, or collect useful evidence, you’ll be able to say “look what I did!” when the shit hits the fan. Either that, or someone who spills first will make YOU the patsy! In which case nothing will shelter you from the wrath that is rising from a betrayed America.

Think about it. And maybe find a new rationalization… as a loyal citizen of the greatest democratic republic in history, and the example to the world.

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PS… I’ve laid it out before, in my posting: Attention Henchmen! Voting Machines and other flawed conspiracies.

This, though, is the year.



David Brin

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